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Car-Bio Announces Digital Division

As a trusted partner for 100's of auto dealers across the country for more than 10 years, Car-Bio is proud to announce a new Digital Division.

Car-Bio now offers a suite of very robust Digital Solutions for our Auto Dealers.

Over the past several years, many of our dealers have asked us "how can we get all the great facts Car-Bio supplies, out on the internet, to auto in-tenders in our market place"?

Since Car-Bio accesses all the facts on a vehicle, and has the ability to tell the full story & history of an automobile, we possess an important and key component for dealers and consumers.

Having all the Facts, the Story, and the History of a vehicle is very valuable. Valuable to both a dealership and the consumer.

With our new Publishing Partners and Auto Technology Companies, we are able to do just that.... Push every piece of information about your store & your stores inventory out to over 300 key automotive platforms every day.

We are now helping our Dealers get "Found & Chosen" more often.

We drive shoppers to every profit center of a Dealership: New Car Sales, Pre-Owned Car Sales, Service, Parts, Finance.

We now have the ability to drive Phone Calls, Emails, and Web Traffic, through a variety of new Digital Solutions.

Car-Bio's digital solutions are 100% trackable. We supply real time analytics to our dealers to ensure ROI!

Let Car-Bio be your Digital resource. We help our Dealerships sell more cars and make more money.

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