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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where is the best place to keep the Car-Bio books?
A: In the vehicles so the sales person can show to the customer on the lot or on the demo drive.

Q: How do Car-Bios get made and delivered for replacement inventory?
A: Car-Bios will show up automatically as inventory turns. Car-Bio uses several methods to gather the data needed based on the individual dealership’s needs and processes.
A: eCar-Bios are produced and available on vehicle detail pages on web site the day books are shipped

Q: What are the benefits of Car-Bios?
A: Presenting the Car-Bio to the customer creates credibility in the vehicle, the dealership and the sales person. Versus other dealerships not utilizing Car-Bios there is a significant competitive advantage. The vehicle specifications section provides product knowledge information for sales persons that they would otherwise not have. Car-Bio users report easier closes, higher grosses, and increased sales and improved customer satisfaction.
A: eCar-Bios can be used for email marketing campaigns

Q: What is the contract commitment with Car-Bio?
A: None. No long-term commitment. 30 day walk away provision.

Q: Is the Car-Bio most useful for high line dealerships?
A: The Car-Bio is useful to any dealership looking to increase or improve their pre-owned operation. Car-Bio customers range from high line small volume to domestic large volume dealerships.

Q: Why should I not just make my own Car-Bios?
A: Considerations: Legal ramifications of copyright infringement, permission rights for copy and distribution of reviews is required, cost, quality control, ease of administration – receive one bill monthly, no binder inventory to maintain, no high speed color laser printer to buy and maintain, no data base to build (reviews on every make, model for past 15 years), no employee labor and associated costs.

Q: How long does it take to get started with Car-Bio?
A: The initial Car-Bios for the inventory will be delivered within 2 weeks from the Agreement date.

Q: How often do new books arrive?
A: Generally dealerships receive 2 or more shipments per week. Car-Bio is receptive to dealership needs and can make adjustments as appropriate.

Q: How do I get started?
A: Call Car-Bio at 888-877-8148

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With Car-Bio, your sales staff will have access to complete product knowledge on every pre-owned vehicle in your inventory. Your sales team will have all of the information any customer needs to know to make the proper buying decision.
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