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About Us

Since 2004, our team has had the simple mission of helping automobile dealers sell more pre-owned vehicles. 

Have you ever wondered why so many dealerships are very successful in selling new vehicles, but they often struggle to sell pre-owned vehicles with the same success?  The reason is that new vehicles have product brochures and lots of information available both to the customer and the salesperson describing the benefits and features in that new car. 

Pre-owned vehicles have historically been a very different story.  Lots of information exists online, but very few sales people have the time or interest to gather it and review prior to a customer walking through the front door.  In fact, usually customers arrive at a dealership with more information than the sales team which creates an awkward situation for the salesperson and a much more difficult sale.  This lack of dealer product knowledge makes selling used cars a greater challenge.

Simply put, Car-Bio provides the pre-owned sales team as well as consumers “All the Facts” on every pre-owned vehicle in a dealership’s inventory.  With a Car-Bio Consumer Guide available on every pre-owned vehicle – a hard copy book in the car itself and an electronic version on the dealer’s website - Car-Bio provides the dealership sales team with knowledge and credibility on every car on the lot because now they know as much about every pre-owned vehicle as they do on new vehicles.  This helps the sales team sell the value of the car and changes the sales experience in a very positive way for both the dealer and the customer.

With complete information about every pre-owned vehicle, both customers and salespersons are more comfortable.  How do we know?   Car-Bio has been proven to sell 10% – 40% more pre-owned cars at dealerships that start the program – the very first month.   Let us show you the facts!

Car-Bio simply makes selling pre-owned cars easier - call or write us today!

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